What are points? How do I get them?

What are points?
Points are the community currency. They're used to submit new writing, purchase advertising space for your work (called a "sponsored ad"), to send "applauds" on the site, or to send as a gift to another member. Please Note: Upgraded PRO members do not need any points to post writing on the site.

How do I get points?
You can earn points for FREE by reviewing writing on the site, or you can purchase them in our store. You can also win them in a contest or receive them as a gift from another member.

How many points do I earn for my reviews?
1 point for comments that are 50 to 199 characters
2 points for comments that are 200 to 299 characters
3 points for comments that are 300+ characters
And if you're the first person to review the writing, we will DOUBLE your points!

What else do I need to know?
You'll earn an additional point for your review if the author thinks your review was helpful and gives you a "thumbs up" vote

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